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April 1999

Love on the High Seas

He is the Sea Wolf, a dread pirate who stops English Navy ships and
frees impressed American sailors. Few know Morgan Drake's name,
and none guesses at his past. Except, that is, a nosy Savannah reporter
named Serenity James. Determined to protect his secrets at any cost,
Morgan sets sail for Savannah...and Serenity.

All her life, Serenity has longed for adventure. As a woman, though,
she's lucky even to be tolerated in her father's newspaper office. Then
she's kidnapped by the bold, sexy pirate whose story fired her
imagination, and in his embrace Serenity finds adventure beyond her
wildest dreams.

April 2000
Master of Seduction

   Read the story of the nefarious pirate, Jack Rhys and the woman who has sworn to bring him to justice, the same woman Jack has vowed to claim as his own.

Early 2001
The Devil in Disguise
(working title)